Master Appliance’s Entire Line of Heat Tools

Master Appliance is a quintessential part of any master’s tool box. Where there is the need for heat, there is the need for Master Appliance products and expertise. Here is the entire line of products that enforce and sustain the American tradition for heat tools.

  • Heat Guns: Includes¬†Master Heat Guns,¬†Varitemp Heat Gun, Deluxe Varitemp Heat Gun, Proheat Heat Guns, Surface Temp Control Heat Guns, Ecoheat Heat Gun, Master-Mite Heat Gun, Master-Mite ESD Heat Gun.
  • Butane Tools:Includes¬†Ultratorches¬†EconoIrons¬†Microtorches¬†PortaPro Glue Guns.
  • Heat Seal Connectors: Includes¬†Heat Seal Connector Kits, Proseal Assortment Kits, Solderseal Assortment Kits, and Multiseal Assortment Kits.
  • Heat Shrink Tubing: Includes¬†Heat Shrink Tubing includes¬†Thin Wall Tubing Assortment Kits,¬†Dual Wall Tubing Assortment Kits
  • Heat Activated Materials: Includes¬†Connector Kit Refills,¬†Heat Shrink Tubing Refill Packs,¬†Glue Sticks,¬†Plastic Welding Rods.

Starting 1958, Master Appliance has been a cornerstone of American heat guns. Our goal is to keep exceeding expectations for generations to come. This includes surpassing our achievement in 1985, developing and introducing the first butane powered soldering iron/heat tools to the North American marketplace. Master Appliance will continue to be synonymous with the word heat.

Thanks for making us your partner in production for over fifty years! Keep the Master Appliance name high on your list for heat tools and other heat related products!

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