3 Simple and Fun Art Projects You Can do with a Heat Gun

At this point, most people who have attempted heat gun art with their kids have seen (and maybe even tried) melted crayon art. It has become synonymous with heat gun art and for good reason. That’s because a heat gun (even if it’s a hair dryer) can be used to create some really fantastic art and crafts.

So if you’re looking for some new and fun art projects to do with your kids, then look no further. Here are 3 that you can do with a heat gun and a just a few supplies.

1. Embossed Candles

This simple project only requires a few items. Two candles, wax paper, a print you like, some tape, and a heat gun. Stamp your design onto a napkin, cut it out, place it carefully on wax paper, situate it on a candle, and hit it some heat to create a transfer. This also works on other materials, but be careful with what you heat! High heat can melt object quickly.

2. Mosaic Tray Designs

If you have a young child that is an aspiring artist, then this project is perfect for you both. You’ll need a glue gun, some colored Styrofoam that you can cut into geometric shapes, and an artistic flair! Simply cut the shapes to whatever design you fancy, and glue them together. Stack them. Make a small city. It can as abstract or inspired as you like. But most of all, it’s fun.

3. Metal Bottle Cap Candles

This project is a great way to make use of bottle caps from glass bottles (like beer bottles). The cap becomes the candle holder and, by proxy, the source of light. Just take some candle wax, set it in the bottle cap, melt it with a heat gun, quickly add a wick, let it dry, and you’ve just made one-of-a-kind tea light candles.

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