5 Cool Projects You (and Your Kids) Can Do with Soldering Tools

Soldering tools, like irons and guns, have many practical uses.

They serve those who wire electrical devices well, and without them fixing electronics would be next to impossible. But did you know that outside their practical usage, soldering tools can even be used for arts and crafts, as well as tech tools for your home family?

You bet!  Here are 5 few cool things you can make with a soldering tool.

Lego USB Stick 

If you surf around the Internet on a regular basis, you will find that turning everyday items into a USB sticks is quite popular. But turning a Lego into a flash drive is probably the coolest there is.


Looking to protect yourself from attackers on-the-fly? Do standard, run-of-the-mill self-protection devices bore you? Then maybe it’s time to that you build your own Taser!

Harry Potter Wand

It may not actually be able to defeat Lord Voldemort in a battle to the death, but for as real as it looks, any little Muggle running around would no doubt love to have this in their pocket. Oculus Reparo!

Kid’s Projects

Ready to teach your kids about magnets, heat, and how to use hand tools, all the while putting together some crafty and neat projects? Then check out this page for 8 kid-friendly tech projects you and your young ones can do together.

Crafts Galore

A soldering iron isn’t just for cold-wiring circuits, there are tons of crafts you can make with it as well. So whether it’s earrings, Art Deco boxes, or pendants, having a soldering tool handy can keep you entertained for hours.

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