World’s First Surface Temperature Sensing & Control Heat Gun

Racine, WI, USA…For the first time ever, a heat gun senses, displays and controls actual work surface temperatures. Now you can confidently work at the upper limit of your target temperature cure zone, with direct surface temperature control of your heating process.  

Master’s new, revolutionary Proheat® STC™ Surface Temperature Control Heat Gun, Model PH-1600, quickly brings work surface temperatures up to your programmed target, while preventing over or under-heating.  An electronically integrated IR sensor provides continuous surface temperature readings and automatically regulates heat to reach and maintain your target temperature, even with changes in the heat gun’s distance from the work surface.  Both your target temperature and actual surface temperatures are displayed.

The Master Proheat STC features a unique Dual Laser Targeting System™ that guides you to the proper field of view, for accurate surface temp measurement and control.  An LED Indicator also gives you a visual display of your progress, displaying green or yellow during the heating process and red when you’ve reached your target.

The Proheat STC has high power, temperature and airflow ratings, and dial-in, programmable surface temperatures of 90áµ’ to 500áµ’ F. (40áµ’ to 270áµ’ C), displayed in ten degree increments in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Airflow is adjustable from 4 to 16 CFM.  To prevent changes to temperature and airflow settings, the unique Proloc™ supervisory locking system, with magnetic key, will lock the controls.

The Proheat STC is ideal for use in manual prepreg lay-up in composite parts manufacturing and rework.  In addition to providing direct, accurate control of the heating process, it has also been shown to reduce the time needed in the calibration process.

Master Appliance Corp. is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional quality heat tools for industry.  Assembled in the USA, the new Master Proheat STC Surface Temperature Control Heat Gun is available from select authorized Master Appliance distributors. For more information contact Master at, by phone at (800) 558-9413 or visit our website at

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