Use An Industrial Heat Gun for Your Paint Removal Project

When you need to remove paint, it can be a tough task to handle, but there are more options for removing paint than you may actually think.

An industrial heat gun can make removing paint a very simple and easy process. Paint removal by using a heat gun is also one of the safest processes.

Safety First

Before you do anything with the heat gun and your other tools, you should take all necessary precautions:

  • Make sure the particular area is a well-ventilated area.
  • Wear a ventilator or mask and safety gloves that are heat resistant.
  • Remove any animals or children from the area.
  • Never point the heat gun at something that you do not intend on stripping paint from.
  • Never leave your heat gun on unattended.

If you need to move some things around, your heat gun can be placed on a stand.

How Do You Apply The Heat?

You should place the heat gun setting on the one that is appropriate for paint removal, according to the manufacturer of your chosen heat gun.

When you are applying heat to the area, do not apply the heat for more than ten seconds. You should check the instructions from the manufacturer so you can determine how close you can be to the paint. Typically, you can be about 3-5 inches away from the paint you intend to remove.

Constantly move the heat gun around in large circles and when you begin to see the paint bubbling, you can pull out your putty knife or paint scraper and start scraping away that paint. When the paint has been removed, clean up any residue with a damp cloth.

Although a paint removal job may seem complicated, all of your worries can be set free when you are armed with one of our heat guns.

Contact us, and we can assist you in getting the best industrial heat gun for your paint removal project.

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