What is an Electrical Heat Gun?

Electric heat guns are often compared to hair dryers, air is pulled from a fan across an electric heating element that is then directed out through a barrel type nozzle.  Because heat guns reach extremely high temperatures they are not to be confused with hair dryers.


Electric heat guns come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types and range between simple and advanced capabilities. An electric heat gun is used when the situations calls for intense direct heat to be applied. A quality electric heat gun is a realistic investment for both homes and workplaces.


Electric heat guns depending on their temperature controls and use can be used for crafts, household or work in industrial settings. The uses are as simple as melting wax, shrinking shrink wrap paper on gift baskets, bending PVC materials to automobile and body repairs. Electric heat guns have even been used to roast peanuts and coffee beans.

The electric heat gun is mostly a corded heat gun, though cordless models are available and produce high heat levels. Depending on the heat settings available would determine the electric heat gun you would need for your application, household or industrial.

How to Decide Which Electric Heat Gun is Right for You:

Prior to deciding what electric heat gun you need you will need to determine what the heat gun will be used for. Is the electric heat gun going to be used a lot, will it be used for smaller projects or larger projects, how high of a temperature setting is needed for the job? These questions will better help you select the right electric heat gun for your needs.

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